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Welcome to O+M EV

We are an electric vehicle charging company that installs chargers all across California. We offer businesses a way to have electric vehicle charging stations on their property at no cost to the business. We pay for energy use, the supply equipment, and the installation. We use EV Box electric vehicle supply equipment. Our chargers can help attract new business to your location.

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Our EV Chargers


We use EV box Businessline chargers, which are level 2 chargers with 7.7 kW output. They are open source, so we can use whichever UI we feel meets the business' needs. We charge EV owners for their energy use when they charge with one of our chargers, and we have a warranty on our chargers so that they are well maintained. We also buy theft and damage protection for our chargers, so we always are safely charging people's vehicles. We use pedestal units or wall-mounted chargers depending on the parking space.

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How We Can Help Your Business

Electric vehicle charging stations attract customers who have more disposable income and who spend more time at your location. Charging stations can be expensive to install and maintain, but O+M EV will take on the entire cost of the charging station (even the energy use). Electric vehicle owners on average make at least 6 figures, so they are more able to go above the spending of the average customer. Having an electric vehicle charger puts your business on the map and gives your place of business added foot traffic. It also gives your business a green, carbon-neutral company image to those patronizing your business. If the owner of the business gives EV owners priority parking, they are more likely to be repeat customers of the business. The EV charger also encourages more drivers to go electric with their next car, encouraging sustainability.

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Our Promise to Your Business

We are O+M EV and we aim to provide restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores with free electric vehicle chargers for which we pay the electrical costs, permitting fees, and installation costs. This leaves the business with no upfront or long-term costs.


Businesses with EV chargers get added foot traffic and attract customers with higher income levels, as the average EV owner makes more than $100,000 per year in income. This leaves the customer with more disposable income to spend on expensive items. They also spend more time at the establishment than the average customer. A Chargepoint case study showed that in one business, each EV owner spent an average of one hour and 23 minutes at the business while their car was charging.


Charging stations can be costly and cumbersome to install, and we will take on all of the responsibilities of buying and installing the chargers. Adding an EV charger puts your business on the map and attracts customers from all over the region. EV adoption is exploding in 2021, and EV adoption will only become bigger and bigger in future years. If EV owners get parking priority in your business, they are more likely to patronize your business again. Lastly, having an EV charger gives your business a reputation of being committed to green and sustainable energy. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide EV owners with locations to charge all across California and to provide businesses with a free way to attract customers.


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